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Heavy Oil Sorbent Sponge

The superoleophylic and superhydrophobic heavy oil sorbent sponge is researched and developed to absorb heavy oil, crude oil and grease with poor fluidity.


  • Independent proprietary intellectual property rights.

  • Superoleophylic.

  • Superhydrophobic.

  • Simple structure.

  • Easy to use.

  • Cost effective.

  • Excellent quality.

  • Diverse applications.

  • Can be custom to meet the requirements of applications.

  • Based on the water blocking performance, oil purity is perfect, the oil in water is less than 1%.

  • Oil adsorption ratio of the liquid that is insoluble in water is constant and up to 30 times.

  • Can absorb kinds of floating oil, oil film, light oil, heavy oil, crude oil, vegetable oil, alkanes, lipoid, crude benzene rather than water.

  • Long lifecycle, can be reused for up to 50 times, so it can replace the disposable oil sorbent mat.

  • Don’t have any pollution and secondary pollution. The material itself can be degraded automatically, and can be burned as fuel.

  • Recommended to use by physically squeezing.

  • SpecificationofHeavyOilSorbentSponge




  • To remove the oil from air mixture to get the fresh air.

  • To absorb and recover floating oil, oil film, grease, light oil, heavy oil, crude oil, vegetable oil and crude benzene on the surface of diverse liquids.

  • To absorb the floating oil and oil film on the surface of river, lake, pool and sea to protect environment.

  • To absorb the floating oil and oil film on the surface of waste water in waste water treatment plant, so that it is easier to do water treatment than before.

  • To absorb the floating oil and oil film in waste water pool in industrial plant to meet environmental protection standards of discharge water.